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Our addressing service is perfect for the busy person who is tired of hand addressing envelopes and doesn’t want to use ugly labels.

Supply your own envelopes by shipping to us via UPS, Postal Service or drop off at our location (please call prior to shipping or to schedule a drop-off time-781-871-4705) or we can supply the envelopes for you.

We even have the ability to print on dark colored envelopes in certain fonts and colors.

To place an order please call 781-871-4705 and our customer service team will get your order processed.


Addressing Pricing

All pricing below is for professional printing on customer supplied items.

If you would like to supply envelopes for you please call to discuss the size and style of envelope needed and we will be happy to quote you the additional cost for envelopes.

Minimum order is $50.

Personalized Samples
$20.00 each set of three

Personalized Samples are perfect when you cannot decide between our font styles and would like to see how they would look on YOUR envelopes. Choose 3 different font styles and or colors, provide us an address and send us your envelopes. For color matching, please include one of your invitations so that we can determine the color. JBS Printing will print and mail them to you within 7 business days. We ask that you send us 5 envelopes for every 3 personalized samples and include a self addressed and stamped envelope.

Envelope Addressing

Toner/Inkjet Printing

1-99: $1.15 Per Address
100-199: $0.87 Per Address
200-299: $0.75 Per Address
300-499: $0.55 Per Address
500-999: $0.48 Per Address
Over 1,000: $0.38 Per Address

Real Pen Addressing

(View Real Pen Fonts Here)

Add $.50 to prices above


Envelope Addressing for Wedding Invitations, Announcements, Save-the-Dates, Bridal and Baby Showers, Holiday Cards, Rehearsal Dinners, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Birth Announcements, Graduation, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Christenings, First Communions, Thank You and Informal Notes, Corporate Event Invitations and Announcements, Unique Marketing and Promotional Projects.
Data Entry
$.55 per address entry
In the event that your guest-list is hand-written or not formatted in an excel or .csv file, you may email it to us for data entry. It must be legible. We will e-mail you a copy to approve. You may keep it on file for future use and we will email you a copy as well.

You can set up the file yourself using our template. Simply fill out the appropiate fiels and download the file and email it to us. Access the file by clicking here.

Invitation Assembly

$1.00 per Invitation with multiple inserts + cost of postage

$.85 per Invitation with one insert + cost of postage

Basic Invitation Assembly includes following formal etiquette standards, arrangement of contents, stamping of RSVP and outer envelopes, stuffing and sealing envelopes. **Folding of any pieces, application of adhesives and attachment of embellishments are extra. Please email us for a personalized estimate.

Mailing Service

$.45 per Hand Canceled Invitation

Minimum $25.00

No Hand Canelling Needed: $20.00 flat fee

We will take your assembled and stamped items to the Hanover, MA Post Office and HAND CANCEL each and every item.

Please note that once your items are hand canceled and handed over to the Hanover, MA post office our responsibility ends there. JBS Printing cannot be held responsible as to how and when your items arrive.

How to Order?

Please call 781-871-4705 to place your order or use the form below to let us know what your addressing needs are and we will get back to you promptly to get your order placed.

How are my envelopes addressed?

We address envelopes using three methods, Digitally printed using toner printing, Digitally printed using inkjet printing, or printed using our “Real Pen” Addressing technology.

Pending on the type of envelope and what your exact needs are we can determine the best method to address your envelopes.

What is Real Pen Addressing?
Our “Real Pen” Addressing technology is just as it sounds. A robotic arm uses an actual pen to address your envelopes.

With Real Pen Addresing we can address on dark colored envelopes and use unique pen colors such as metallic, glitter, florescent and white ink.

It also gives a more personal feel as the invitations look like they are written with an actual pen…well, because they are!

Real Pen Addressing uses special fonts which you can view here.

It’s a fun and unique way to get our envelopes to stand out among the rest.

How can I get my Envelopes to you?

You can ship us your envelopes via UPS (most people have a UPS store near them), FedEx, Postal Mail or any other shipping method.

You can also drop off at our location. Please call 781-871-4705 ahead of time prior to dropping off.

Our address is:

JBS Printing

1401 Hanover Street

Hanover, MA 02339

How many extra envelopes should I supply?

Please supply us with at least 20% extra envelopes or at least 10 minimum

Can my envelopes be pre-printed?

In some case you may have gotten your envelopes pre-printed with your return address on them.

For envelopes that are printed using thermography (raised printing), we may have to use our “Real Pen” technology. Please see our real pen pricing and available fonts.

Once we can run some test envelopes we can determine if we need to address using Real Pen.

Can you match the fonts and colors of my invitations?

We can typically match the color and font in most cases or find a font that is very close.

For metallic, glitter and flourecent inks we would use our “Real Pen” technology and would have to use one of our Real Pen fonts

How long does it take to get my envelopes printed?

Our turnaround time average 7-10 business days from proof approval + shipping transit time

How should I supply my address list?
You can supply your list as an excel file or a .csv file.

Each column must be marked at the top row.

You can use our template if you don’t have it as a file yet. Once filled out simply download it and email it to us. You can access the template  be clicking here.

Do you ship outside of Massachusetts?

Yes. We have many clients outside of Massachusetts and we can ship anywhere within the lower 48 States

What type of envelopes can you not print on?

We cannot print on envelopes that have buttons, strings, ribbons, or other types of embellishments on them.

What to do if I find an error?

In the rare case that you find an error, please email us within 5 business days. We will reprint and ship or mail them out of charge.

If the error was on your part, not a problem…we will still reprint and deliver for you. You will be charged for the reprint and delivery accordingly.

What is the 2.9% transaction fee on postage?

We are charged a 2.9% fee for credit card transactions from our credit card processing company and because of this we have to add this fee onto the total cost of postage

Can I have my envelopes shipped directly to you from my Stationery provider?

Yes. This is a great idea.

Please check with them to see if they offer this services.

We do not take responsibility for completed orders done on envelopes that have an incorrect return address or graphics printed by the Stationer.


Our shipping address is:

JBS Printing

1401 Hanover Street

Hanover, MA 02339

Call 781-871-4705 To Place Your Order.