The simple way to get Google reviews.


Do you ask your clients and customers to submit reviews about your product or service?

If so, you’ll get the best results by making it a simple process to leave you a review.

You can do that by sending them a link that will open up the Google review box once they click on it, instead of them having to search your name and then clicking the “Write a Review” button etc.

The fewer steps you give them the more liklely it will be that they will leave you a review.

Here is a link to a website (JBS Printing has no affiliation with them, it’s just a free tool we found online, we know nothing about the company, their service or what they do) that created a tool where you can search your company and it will create a shareable link that you can add to your email signature, your website or send out to your email list, and once it’s clicked it will open up the review form for Google reviews making it a simple process for someone to leave you a review.

The finished link will look something like this:

Send the link to anyone who has recently used your services or purchased your products to make it easy for them to leave a review.

You can also embed the link in your email signature or place it on your webpage as anchor text like this: “Click here to leave us a 5 star review”

The video below will show you exactly how it works.


Here’s the link to the page:



Power User Tip.


You can also set up your personal review link to open with the 5 stars already filled in.

Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the Google PlaceID map by clicking here.

Next, type your business name.

Above your Company Name, you will see your Company ID number.

Open up a simple text document like word or text edit.

Copy and paste this web address on a blank document:

Now copy and paste your Company ID to the end of that web address.

Copy the entire link and paste into your browser.

Copy link that is generated and paste into the text document.

Finally add ,5 (comma 5) to the end of the generated link.

When new link is pasted into your web browser your review form will open with all 5 stars lit up.

Step by step video below.


 Once you have your generated link, you can use a link shortener service or create an anchor text link that you can send to people.

It could look something like this: Please leave us a 5-Star Review by clicking here!


Looking for an easy way to get Facebook reviews?


You can create a link for Facebook reviews as well.

Just take your Facebook Business Page url and add /reviews to the end of it.

When you send someone the link it will automatically open up the review section of your business page.

The link will look something like this:


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