If you are in a Real Estate Agent then you need professional looking Marketing/Sales Kit.

I actually recommend this for several specific industries, such as Home Renovation Professionals, Fundraising Professionals, and industries that tend to meet face to face with prospects and clients and a good amount of information will be exchanged.

It’s not difficult to put one together which is why I can never figure out why every Real Estate Agent regardless of sales volume doesn’t have packets handy at any said time. It not only makes you look more professional, but it helps you present all of the reasons why a prospect should hire you as their exclusive agent instead of anyone else in a concise, easy to read and easy to digest format.


So what should be included in your kit?

Before I answer that question I want to make sure that you know how it should be formatted.

Your kit should be a series of single-sided 8.5 x 11 sheets inside of a pocket folder that has your logo and applicable branding on the cover. Don’t use blank pocket folders that you can buy at an office supply store. They look cheap and unprofessional and it gives off the impression that you are lazy and are “phoning it in”. Buying or selling a home is a big deal for people and they are going to want to work with someone that is professional and on top of their game. You wouldn’t show up to a sales meeting wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Hold your marketing material to the same standard. Everything about you needs to look professional.


Why can’t I just have a brochure?

There’s really nothing wrong with having a brochure designed, but if you have a series of sheets put together you can include more information for your prospect, and if the information changes on one of your sheets, all you have to do is replace that one sheet with the new information instead of having to redesign and reprint the brochure all over again. It also makes it easy if you want to leave out or add in information in the future without having to redo the entire brochure all over again.

Also, it just looks better and is more impressive overall.


So what should be in it? 

  1. A bio sheet about you and a bio sheet for any members of your team: You don’t have to put together a bio from the day you were born, but a simple bio that includes a little of your background, how long you have been an Agent, your credentials, your specialties, what agency you are with, contact info, etc. Also, make sure you have a nice professional looking head shot on your bio sheet.
  2. Bio and History about your Agency: Your bio is about YOU. You should also include a bio about your agency. Are you a popular franchise? Are you a niche-focused boutique? How long has the agency been in business? Let the prospect know why they should be excited to not only work with an exceptional agent (You) but that they should also be excited about working with an amazing agency.
  3. Past listings with asking price and selling price: This could be a single page or multiple pages. Include a picture of the listing (just one picture is fine) and underneath add the original asking price and the price the property sold for. You can set this up as a grid so you can feature several listings on one page. Typically two or three across and three down. You don’t need to have hundreds of listings but a good sampling of maybe a dozen or so homes would be ideal. If you are just starting out just leave this sheet out until you have some transactions under your belt.
  4. Testimonials: A sheet of testimonials is always helpful. It helps build credibility and it let’s people know that you are a great person to work with.
  5. Process List: This allows you to spell out exactly how you intend to market and sell your prospect’s property. What steps you take such as, listing on MLS, sending out just listed postcards to your list, how you intend to advertise on Social Media, etc. This will give your client a clear idea of how you intend to move forward with the listing and what your approach is.
  6. FAQ: This is a great one that Agents forget about. Write out a list of questions that you are frequently asked and answer each one so the client has a reference sheet of sorts. This not only helps your prospect understand the entire selling and buying process as well as answer questions about how you will going about getting their property sold or how you will help them find a property to purchase.
  7. Questionnaire: Maybe you have a set of questions you typically as a prospect or client. You should create a list of these questions and have them fill out the answers. This will make sure that you have their answers handy for reference and it will ensure that you don’t forget to ask any important questions.
  8. Contracts and Agreements: Don’t forget to include any contracts such as Listing Agreement, etc in the Kit as well.

Should I add my pages to my website?


You should provide a link on your website where visitors can download PDF versions of your sheets, or, even better, add an opt-in form where the visitor has to provide an email address to get the sheets. This will satisfy the “need the information now” itch we all have in this day and age but you MUST have printed versions of your kit for Face to Face meetings. Most people won’t print and keep your info sheets if they are visiting your site and a printed kit will leave a more longer-lasting and stronger impression as they have something physical in their hands t take with them.

How do I get started creating my Marketing pack?

JBS Printing has extensive experience creating Marketing Packs for Real Estate agents and we can print packets in quantities as low as 100 for those just starting out.

Call our team at 781-871-4705 to discuss your needs and go over your options to get your very own Branded Marketing Kits